Interviews & Conversations

Creating interview style videos are a great way to share information with your customers or audience in a way that makes them feel they are part of the experience.

Capturing a good interview is more complicated than it looks. Multiple cameras, recorders, lighting positions, etc. 

Whether the interviews are filmed on the go or in a controlled environment, we create a clean and cinematic look so the viewer is focused instead on what is said.


One of our favorite types of video projects is to film on the go. We film in a documentary, journalistic style, while everything is unfolding, and capture unscripted stories.

Sometimes this can also be known as a video log or vlog. The purpose of a vlog is to communicate on a personal level with your audience showing a person or groups routine, life, thoughts and interests.


Sports is home for us. With a background of over 20 years in sports, we can understand the needs for athletes and teams to show what is important to their fans and audience.

Whether it's a highlight video for personal use or a product reel for a specific sponsor, we can capture even the most action-intensive shots to help tell your story.

We have dealt with athletes in track & field, football, baseball, fitness, olympic sports and more. 

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