It All Started When...

Justyn retired from being a professional athlete and Olympian in 2016. After years of traveling the world and documenting his life through vlogging he discovered a passion for photography and filmmaking.

Justyn received the opportunity to work with a high-performance sports company mainly as the photographer, videographer and social media manager. He showed up everyday for two years creating content he didn't realize he could even do.

Today, Justyn has started his own production company to work with creative entrepreneurs and professional athletes to help tell their amazing stories.


Justyn has been making videos for over a decade. In that time he has worked with Olympians, Major League Baseball, NCAA, National Broadcast companies, commercials, weddings, and plenty of videos for content marketing on YouTube.

When he isn't shooting for clients, he is painting and teaching art at He loves to read books on business, entrepreneurship, or creativity. His favorite tv show is the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Justyn understands a little Italian, with hopes to start learning French.